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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm so tired that I could die ;(

It's been a while since I update my blog. Idling at home and I have nothing much to share despite the fact that I just came back from my driving session. Ah, my migraine is getting severe. I should restrains myself from taking too much caffeinated drinks, but I love coffee so much (>,<). 

Today weather is damn hot that I could dried. Hah... Mention about the driving session, ah..I'm a clumsy driver. It's going to be a tough day during the JPJ test. =.='' sigh. I was excited at the first place but it's gradually became complicated and so I became reckless and exhausted and sleepy and MIGRAINE. IF the tutor wasn't there beside me, I thought I would be lying in a casket at this moment because there were few times I almost get hit by a vast trucks! Anyway, practice makes perfect. Damn RIGHT! 

My valentine which supposed to be a lovey-dovey day was gloomy and I'm alone! It's actually a TYPICAL day for me because LG has mountains of works and he couldn't get home :'( You can't tell how emotional I was that day and I hate the fact that it's seriously happened to me, I mean US! No matter what happened, life must go on ;)) At least I'm happy that we're still holding with each other now..and forever *wink*

That's it for now.. Until then. CIAO^^


Sabrina said...

yup,practice makes perfect bah much driving class fee now sna darl?next year there's still a valentine's day darl :)

nGiau said...

owh sis, rehat la ko. sya pun sakit kepala kadan2 pasal coffee tp sedap kn? :D

♫FEN♫ said...

Sabrina: Hye darl~ driving fee 1K plus juga.. hoho.. eya lor hopefully next year dpt clbrate v-day ^^

ngiau: naa.. klu mcm 2 ko xble mnum coffee la 2.. hohoho... saiko ni baa.. thanks^^