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Friday, July 5, 2013


Welcome to the magical world of Instagram :)
This app is friggin' addictive and fun. I have been ignoring the other social networks especially Facebook. Maybe because I gradually hating the brainless updates feeds. 
So, lets instagram! 
meet me @iamfennie

Thursday, July 4, 2013


The tense of final examination is already a load for me to carried. Everyday is getting rough. Why do I have to handle others selfishness? It's difficult for me to put a fake smile everyday and pretend everything is fine. No. I'm not fine at all. I find it terribly absurd how certain people put life in complicated way and how they couldn't toss away their ego for simple thing. The final exam has gives me enough stress. Seriously, I couldn't be bothered with another mental breakdown drama. 

I don't remember when was the last time I shared and cried over my problem with my dad. But today, I did. I called my dad and I eventually start crying. It's hard and I can't bear facing all those stressors. I'm uncertain about what future has to offer but for the time being, I'll do what I should. I guess, if I don't put trust at the first place, I won't feel betrayed. sigh~

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Body odor

Hi there.. how do you get rid of your body odor? Well, I notice that some people unable to be alert with their own body odor. Perhaps, they didn't aware of that matter or they just simply doesn't care of their own smells. I particularly have sensitive nose which promptly brings ne to detect any smells better than anyone especially unpleasant body odor. Frankly, I feels grateful for having odorless body een when I'm sweating like crazy. That's explain why I didn't bother applying any perfume or cologne. I found none of them can please me..maybe because I love soft smell like baby. I just adore 'johnson&johnson' so much..and nothing else.

Enough with the craps, thats not the point. You see, I have this particular female classmate which I think clueless about her unpleasant body odor. Honestly, I always keep a distance from her because I cant stand suffocating with her bad body odor. I'm not sure whether she's using any perfume or not..and I really wish I could tell her about that matter but I am so frigging gutless to tell her. I'm afraid that i'll ended up hurting her feeling or leads her to feel
embarrass. what should i do?

I dont mean to be mean, but some people just doesn't aware that the perfume or cologne they
are using may not suitable with their smells. well, everyone has their own natural body odor and wrong choice of perfume will not be helpful at all. I have this friend who use cologne that makes her smells like damp cloth and it get worst when she's sweating. I'm literally speechless. (`••´)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

in progress.

I've been absent from writing and updating my blog for ages now. 

So..I'm in my 5th semester, which means, I have another semester to go and very soon..I'll be graduating in bachelor in administrative science. wohoo~!! 
Semester had just started and we had already in the fourth week. We are busy looking for company which going to be our practical landmark during semester break. I'm rooting for a positive response from Telekom Berhad. It's my dream to work in that reputed company. Practical session cost us 5hrs credit. uh-oh.. semoga~
I really wish I could drive to work rather than staying at KK and take the public transportation. I am aware that the fuel is much more expensive than paying for the public transportation fee. But I do not wish to waste my driving license. problem. 
Anyway, this semester brings me loads of responsibilities. I've to be committed though. Annual Grand Meeting for Mandarin club is coming. And I'm responsible for the dinner. Oh..stressful project.

until then~

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 1st post =)

Greeting people^^ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! !
Lets get started! Socially, I am not yet a significant nor outstanding figure. In fact, I’m still an undergraduate. Reminisce back, I was emotionally, mentally wrecked. Ah yes, and outbreak manners plus unstable self-esteem. Nonetheless, immature was the key point to my reckless and brainless actions. LOL. So they says, “what’s the point of reminiscing the past?” Frankly, there was one time where I felt horrifically despair standing on edge. That’s when I received my SPM’s result after mourning over my late beloved grandma. The result made me discourage to death. I hopelessly cried a river. I looked very melancholic and pathetic in the eyes of the teachers.

You see, being the eldest daughter brings me loads of burdens.
 Together with my bff, I was fortunate to be selected to National Service 1month later.  It’s a bitter escape actually. So there, with the tiny spirit left in me, I decided to live again. Interacting with different people had boosted my morale to live better. I planted determination in me and sworn to come back to my high school and proudly show to those teachers my achievements. Well, I’m an alumni now…and will be completed my bachelor by next year. I’m nothing to be proud yet, but soon I will.

LG and I were in the same high school, all these years, he’s the place for my outbursts and grumbles. But, I don’t mean to be rancorous.

Anxiety disorder used to be my biggest enemy, gradually, speaking in front is becoming my favorite. I should thanks to the society at large. It’s the matter of environment adaptation and how you make advantages out of it. The draw backs, in the process of perking up myself, I lose friends and tangled with conflicts. Anyhow, I’ll just consider that as obstacles or perhaps the ‘opportunity cost’. But then again, that’s how I control my temper and adjusted myself to a better person. You see, kindness is a big thing. People may misunderstanding with the way I conduct myself, but I always remind myself, “no matter what happens in life, be kind to everyone. Because being kind is the great legacy to leave behind.”

As what portrayed in most movies, those innocent will always treated as criminal at the first place but what’s true will eventually revealed. Oh, I should be a director! LOL.  

****Final exam will begin on this Thursday and ended on January the 14th. I am too eager to sit for the first paper and exaggeratedly waiting for this exam to end. I'm rooting for a Dean list too.***

p/s: I've planted a new resolution. To be healthy and skinny =) *wink*