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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Body odor

Hi there.. how do you get rid of your body odor? Well, I notice that some people unable to be alert with their own body odor. Perhaps, they didn't aware of that matter or they just simply doesn't care of their own smells. I particularly have sensitive nose which promptly brings ne to detect any smells better than anyone especially unpleasant body odor. Frankly, I feels grateful for having odorless body een when I'm sweating like crazy. That's explain why I didn't bother applying any perfume or cologne. I found none of them can please me..maybe because I love soft smell like baby. I just adore 'johnson&johnson' so much..and nothing else.

Enough with the craps, thats not the point. You see, I have this particular female classmate which I think clueless about her unpleasant body odor. Honestly, I always keep a distance from her because I cant stand suffocating with her bad body odor. I'm not sure whether she's using any perfume or not..and I really wish I could tell her about that matter but I am so frigging gutless to tell her. I'm afraid that i'll ended up hurting her feeling or leads her to feel
embarrass. what should i do?

I dont mean to be mean, but some people just doesn't aware that the perfume or cologne they
are using may not suitable with their smells. well, everyone has their own natural body odor and wrong choice of perfume will not be helpful at all. I have this friend who use cologne that makes her smells like damp cloth and it get worst when she's sweating. I'm literally speechless. (`••´)