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Sunday, March 24, 2013

in progress.

I've been absent from writing and updating my blog for ages now. 

So..I'm in my 5th semester, which means, I have another semester to go and very soon..I'll be graduating in bachelor in administrative science. wohoo~!! 
Semester had just started and we had already in the fourth week. We are busy looking for company which going to be our practical landmark during semester break. I'm rooting for a positive response from Telekom Berhad. It's my dream to work in that reputed company. Practical session cost us 5hrs credit. uh-oh.. semoga~
I really wish I could drive to work rather than staying at KK and take the public transportation. I am aware that the fuel is much more expensive than paying for the public transportation fee. But I do not wish to waste my driving license. problem. 
Anyway, this semester brings me loads of responsibilities. I've to be committed though. Annual Grand Meeting for Mandarin club is coming. And I'm responsible for the dinner. Oh..stressful project.

until then~