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Thursday, July 4, 2013


The tense of final examination is already a load for me to carried. Everyday is getting rough. Why do I have to handle others selfishness? It's difficult for me to put a fake smile everyday and pretend everything is fine. No. I'm not fine at all. I find it terribly absurd how certain people put life in complicated way and how they couldn't toss away their ego for simple thing. The final exam has gives me enough stress. Seriously, I couldn't be bothered with another mental breakdown drama. 

I don't remember when was the last time I shared and cried over my problem with my dad. But today, I did. I called my dad and I eventually start crying. It's hard and I can't bear facing all those stressors. I'm uncertain about what future has to offer but for the time being, I'll do what I should. I guess, if I don't put trust at the first place, I won't feel betrayed. sigh~


☆彡Mitchell de Voight Cullen said...

Stay calm... Don't over pressure yourself... Pressure makes thing lagi worse tu..

♫FEN♫ said...

Hi Mitchell, thanks :) Yeah, I chose to focus on my final exam. Hehe..