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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's complicated.

Hye there ;)

My convocation will be on 14th of May at UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. Of course I'll be there earlier to get the robe and attend the rehearsal.
Initially, I decided to tag my parent along... but they're not confirm yet. So, I asked my younger sister, unfortunately, it's not school holidays and she doesn't want to skip the classes. In the end, I asked (I mean I FORCE him) LG to attend my convocation since he's currently working at the nearest area. Again, he didn't promise me he'll come because he's not sure whether he can get a leave or not. T_T''
Ok..fine. FINE.

Although it'll just take few hours being in the grand hall, I really want to be there with my parent :'(

Well, I'm getting my Public Administration scroll! I want them to see me wearing the huge dark robe.

Not everyone is fortunate to be listed as one of the graduates who will be on stage receiving the scroll...oh-uh.
My parent said, I should go for my degree convocation instead of going for my diploma convocation. But I'll not bother about convocation after my degree because all that matter is having a job and earn money. hahaha ;))