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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I was actually covering the sauna-like condition in UiTM Sabah library. 
Frankly, I like the degree environment...simply, the vibe is different during diploma. There's new fellows I get to know as my new classmates. So far, everyone is being nice and such cocky, awkward or uncomfortable feeling..but everyone is still trying to adopt and knowing each other. 



Sabrina said...

yer, pegang pun suda geli darl..

Jovin Valicia (◜◡◝ ) said...

hello :) you are a beuty woman :* followed you and follow me too yaa ^^
Thankyou ^^

♫FEN♫ said...

sabrina: haha.. I'll faint if someone ask me to eat that thing. haiyerrr... bikin geli kan.. haha

Jovin: thanks for the compliment, followed you too ^^

Jovin Valicia (◜◡◝ ) said...

thanks :))

Jovin Valicia (◜◡◝ ) said...

thanks :))