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Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello mellow~ ^^
Good morning! Rise and shine people (>,<)
The loyal library visitor is here again... no matter how many times the schedule had changed, I'll always arrived before 8a.m. 

Luckily, it's a bit warm here and I instantly feels sleepy. But I have to stay until 9.30 and off to the class (o_O)

Since there's only few people around this hour, I was like.."Man, this library is mine!"
kah,kah,kah,. camwhoring like nobody is watching. (>,<)

Today classes?

Ethnic Relation, Intermediate cost accounting and Public Relation.
The lecturers were all good..I mean, so far.. hopefully, I didn't get swallow by my own judgement later on. 

That's it.. BUBBYE! 


Writing From Far said...

i haven't done this for quite sometimes. hehe i miss the campus life.i used to do this like 24/7 last time.

nGiau said...

cuteeee nya si fen :)

♫FEN♫ said...

Writting From Far: yes, that's why I like my campus life (degree) right now. It's totally different from my diploma. hehe.. There's new fellow which are very friendly and nice ;)

Ngiau: Yeah Ngiau, I'm not cute, I'm just adorable. kah.kah.kah.. thanks BTW ^^