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Thursday, March 8, 2012

9th day of March :)

Hye there people ;) I survives for the first week of the semester. The funny thing about today is, I was appointed as the ban zhang (Class Representative) for the Mandarin class. Well, the class was crowded and there's about 50 students taking for that third language subject. Apparently, the maximum capacity is only 20students. So, I do not know what will happened next, maybe some will be transferred to the Arab class. Among the 50 students, there's only few (including me) who was Chinese educated. I'm proud to be one of those who can freely speak Mandarin with the lecturer. Everyone was like.."wooowww...she's really can speak Mandarin." And of course, I felt great, but it's not like I'm boasting myself or what so ever. Thanks to my parent for sending me to Chinese oriented school. 

It's been part of my desires to improve my Mandarin language. Honestly, the lecturer really leave a great impression to me, or US as a whole. Because she is such a talented, passionate, great Kadazandusun lecturer who mastered Chinese language very well. I'm really looking forward to do the assignments because its sounds fun to me. In fact, I'm sure I can do well since I'm very good at speaking Mandarin and a bit Cantonese. Although we'll be spending a lot of money for the cheongsam, book, Mandarin's Night, and other learning materials. And..actually..I'm currently BROKE. kah.kah.kah.. Haish..MONEY IS SUCH AN ENEMY! 

Alike usual, I'm staying at this library..blogging..and this time, waiting for my tutor to pick me up. I'll have my driving session this afternoon. I've to do well this time because I didn't intend to take extra class. kah.kah.kah.. tamaha mau kasi kluar duit punya urang baini... After that, I'll take the pre-test nad JPJ test. Gah! Ni kali la.. takut sa kalau yang saiko punya JPJ. Semogala sa tia gagal (PALIS-PALIS).
Mesti migrain laini..panas lagi ni.. 

Woo..I almost forget that today is Friday and we (The Roman Catholic) are prohibited to eat meat. I almost pay for the sausage bun..but luckily, I put it back and took the chocolate bun instead. Plus, a cold cocoa drink in this suppa hot weather. "DIET KA?" dia bilang tu cashier.. Then I honestly say yes, but the real thing is..I don't want to say I'm fasting and explain a long grandmother story to that cashier. Because if I tell him I'm fasting..he'll continue asking..WHY? and so on and so forth. Bagus sa cakap sa diet daripada cakap sa puasa..nanti dia bingung. hahaha.. I don't think I have to tell him about the lent session. He'll get it complicated afterall.

Ah..I already did and took my student card. We walked to the Bukit Pentadbiran separuh mati..bepeluh-peluh lagi.. sampai luntur mekap..hahah. sampai di sana office, the in-charge lady was in bad mood. then..we were like...Ok..jadi kenapa juga mau marah-marah ini? Aiyaa.. But..I'm satisfied with the outcome. My student card is better than the previous one (Diploma) face is fairer la kunun... tia macam pilak.. Kad yang time diploma macam pilak betul-betul. Adeh..p/s: I'M SORRY, I didn't mean to discriminate the race.

Semakin hari semakin macam nenek-nenek suda sa ni.. banyak cakap. hahaha. Anyway.. have a nice weekends people :) NICE DAY AHEAD.

P/S: Congratulation to those STPM students who achieved great result ;)


Setsuna Emma said...

Hahaha sa tau sdh sepa ko pnya lao shi.. mesti CJL ! ding laoshi kan? mimang syok dia tu..

bgs la bha ko jadi banzhang~ jdi UP SKET ! *kasi naik dagu ko*

Hahahaha~ all the best this sems yah ^__^

♫FEN♫ said...

yesh! Dia laitu :) Ba..malu sa jd banzhang ar.. ramai lg dlm kls 2. adui.. haha

thanks. Degree sd ni.. I'm going to clench my teeth and study berabis. haha.. semogala..