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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hello there ;) 
Librarian? Me? Oh NO. It's just my schedule is still 'under construction' and there's a lot of gaps and free time...and I'm actually carpooling with my besties..and apparently, we are not taking the same courses, the schedule is obviously, I have to wait for them. This library is the only available and convenience place for me to stay. 

We got a class meeting with the coordinator just now because the class capacity is overloaded and we need to fairly split into two groups. Oh.. I honestly do not want to be split away with my ex-classmates and gratefully, we were divided according to our own accord ;) hahaha... Anyhow..I need to re-check the timetable and register for the other group (the initial group registered). Gagagaga..

As I mentioned in my previous post, the diploma students is currently preparing for their final examination, so...this library is quite crowded...and I despise being distract or flirt by any strangers.
Man, mind your age please. I'm your senior baaa.. adedeeehh.. tia payah mau mengurat. buang masa kau seja.. sa tia tinguk juga muka kau tu.. sori sejala. Sumbung pun sumbung laa.. kah.kah.kah.. Bagus lagi kau baca buku dari mengurat. haiyayaaa..

So far, there's one assignment assigned to us...and it's a group assignment, but..I didn't have a fixed group members yet since I absent during that class and I missed everything. I am to blame. GAH! And yes, I already received the 1Malaysia voucher. RM200 isn't enough to cover 8 subjects, but I'm still grateful ;) At least it help reducing the burden. Padahal ingat mau beli barang yang bukan-bukan seja.. semua bookstores kosong baa..gara-gara tu baucer.. haiyaa.. teda chance la mau beli stuff other than BOOKS. 

I thought I want to buy all these using that voucher baa.. haha.. I love pink so much, it's something I can't resist ^^ and I used to be a pinkholic long time ago. haha.


Setsuna Emma said...

sumil sumil !!! p la ko beli jadi ko jadi the pink lady nnt.. ^^ ka beli novel ka.. syiok jg tu..


AnnieMing said...

Haha begitu la tu kan kalau di Uni, asal menjelang exam, library la paling crowded.

You love pink much? You have a companion here! :D Pink rawks..

♫FEN♫ said...

Emmabuny: haha.. sb dia pink kan ^^ hoho.. eya, sa plan mau beli novel laini.. tp skg pn hmpir lenyap sd ni baucer.. kah.kah.kah.. baa.. sa rajin sd mau blogging ni skg.. haha

♫FEN♫ said...

Annie: Ah, congrat for your fullmoon Ashle^^ Ya, itu laitu.. tmbh2 lg time exam skg kan.. haha.. sajuk lg ni lbry ni..

P/S: I LOVE PINK VERY MUCH!! LIKE, TO DEATH. hahaha. Give me FIVE! n_n