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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hey You ^^

Finally! I bought this novel, a compilation of true stories of heavenly saved. ^^ Very inspiring and motivating  experiences attached in this book and even when you're confronting with death. Never stop believing :)
When I grabbed this novel, I didn't look at the pricetag because I'm paying with the voucher. hahahaha.

That dude makes it too obvious. Ohhhh...and everyone began to notices. And I? 
Man, it's funny. The way you strive to approach me makes me laugh. I don't listen to rhetoric. Anyway, nice try :) Next time, TRY HARDER. Hahaha...

It's too risky for me to get close or to be friend with guys. Because soon..they'll try to get closer and changed the "FRIEND" label on us. I've experienced this many times. Like, MANY TIMES.
And, you're not lonely, you're just bored..please don't flirt. Guys always get me wrong when I smiled at them. It just a smile, I simply want to be polite and friendly. Seriously, it doesn't mean I WANT YOU. 
Hahahahaaa.. humor of the day!

The campus life update:

one month passed, and I already get used with the daily basis activities. Woke up early, when to class LATE and laugh the whole day. The classmates are great! They makes my day and I hated when there's class being cancel. Some of the times, I barely sit listening to their spontaneous jokes. haha.

My convocation- So, I bought the ticket. 12hb May- 15hb May 2012.
LG asked me to stay at his sister's place at Ampang. So, I don't have to worry about the accommodation :)
See you soon UiTM SHAH ALAM ^^