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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Six sense or physic?

Hye folks!
I do not know what people usually called this kind of six sense (is it a six sense???) . But, have you ever feel a sudden grief and distress? The uneasy feeling that convinces you that soon, you'll be severely crying? At the same time, you acknowledge the awaiting sorrow will crashed on you. That awkward moment when you feel like living in spiritual time instead of the linear time. I hate that feeling a lot! Because it will certainly HAPPEN and it keep alerting me through dreams and coincidences. =.="

For instance, I felt like crying a lot lately and I do not know the reason why. But deep inside, I know something bad will certainly happened. And YES, SOMETHING BAD HAD HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY. Indeed, I cried a river.

I didn't come to notice this kind of six sense (or is it me being a physic???) on the dot.. it takes me years to gradually understand and accept it as part of me. Previously, when I was in form 5...this 'gift' freaked the life out of me. Initially, I keep telling myself that 2007 is an unfortunate year for me. Because I kept feeling like crying, and so many disasters crashed on me. So many bad things happened, failures, death and I've been traumatized to keep living. Honestly, I didn't know if it has something to do with religion or spiritual. tch.tch..tch..

But some of the times, this six sense also denote a divine moment to me. As I told you, it alerting me through dreams and coincidences. So, when something good will happened to me, I'll see myself laughing and smiling a lot in my dreams, I see happiness. And sometimes, I'll found myself smiling without reason. Then, something blissful will surely happened :)) Oh!! Now, that's scary uh?? But, I tells no lie.

I I the only one having such 'gift' or whatever you want to call it? How about you?


♡JoanMilenia♡ said...

hello dear :D
long time not openn your blog :b. sorry ^^"

comment back please onmy newest entry ^^ <333