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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mid-term break :)

Hye there fellas ^^
First off, I've been leaving this page for quite a long time. Well, my schedule is too packed and I usually finish my class at 4PM - 6PM. When I reached my place, I already run out of energy and ended up sleeping. Degree life is no joke! It's actually beyond my expectation ;'(

Aisshh..luckily, we're on our mid-term break for 1 week ;) Happy ^^ I herein should completed the endless assignments. Plus, I'm so excited to take my turn presenting in front. Apparently, I've been struggling a lot to improve my presenting skills..funny. haha >_<

I don't know why, but I'm thinking of quitting being a blogger because I lost my interest. Or should I change it to pictures's too childish. haha.. Anyway, good day ahead people :)

p/s: A proposal before a confession. What say you? Not convincing enough? Desperate?



nGiau said...

noooo keep on blogging my sis!! :D

Sabrina said...

Hey darl,
how life?
I'm thinking quitting from blog too..sometimes felt no time to update..

♫FEN♫ said...

ngiau: hehe.. teda y mnrik mau share sd ni.. hoho..

Sabrina: my life had been upside down lately... but it's okay.. life goes on right? hehe..
I'll quit blogging soon.. but not in the time being. hehe

☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...
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