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Monday, May 28, 2012

The awkwardness

Oh well, this is life. Things happened regardless bad or good. I'd like to express everything inside out. Dissapointment is like a stab onto the heart killing every trusts that you had grabbed tight. When I had labelled someone as my bestfriend, I cannot afford being reject or ignored by her or him. 

And, shouldn't a bestfriend understand you better than anyone else? Shouldn't a bestfriend accept you at your worst? Shouldn't a bestfriend forgive and forget? And, a bestfriend will never neglect or leave her/her bestfriend. Then, how come a bestfriend keeps a distance even after knowing the truth? I even immensely hoped that you'll be understanding enough after I had explained everything.
Dear buddy, I cried a river [T_T]
Have you realized my efforts to fixed up things?
Is it that we're never a bestfriend, we're just a goodfriend?
Seriously, we shouldn't ended up like this. But, in case you thinks that things will never be the same and we can't be like the old good times... I'll always pray for things to get better :)
I do not want to hold grudges against you..I just wish that you could acknowledge the truths. Its hurt me having tried so hard to try fixing up things but keep neglected by you. 

What's the point of being friends for over three years and still, you let a tiny mistake that didn't even worth destroying our friendship, condemn everything? Maybe I was wrong at the first place...but wasn't I apologized and explained everything from the scratch? If that weren't enough, l'll let time fades away everything :'(