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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


First of all, I feel content to be home. Laying on my own bed, joking around with the siblings and having long conversation with my mom and dad. Apparently, there’s no place like home. It’s great being in my own place, the smells of honesty, warmness of courtesy, bliss in the air and freedom.

Second of all, thank goodness its holidays! It’s a matter of fact that I don’t have to face those irritating peoples. Shall we conclude thing professionally by listening to both sides and not only based on one particular side? Oh well, never mind…this is what we call life. Victimize the innocent and judging when you are not even a judge. Oh Lord… forgives them.

The greatness of being far from campus life and lash out the feeling of being neglected by my own-used-to-be buddy. Treat me like a stranger, I’ll be please to totally discard you from my life. You know what, I’m done trying to fix thing up. You found new buddy and neglect me? Go ahead. You thought I supposed to be with that particular dude? Come on! I don’t even have a feeling for him. Not even a slight! If my efforts were not enough for you to forgive and forget..and if its hard for you to understand and even takes me as a liability, be it. I ought to stop pretending that everything is fine between us. 3years friendship huh? Why put it three years when it never exists? And this is how we ended up being stranger again. Fullstop.