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Friday, June 15, 2012


First, the previous posts was a mistake. That's what I got from expecting too much. I'm happier now. At least, I don't live with pleasing others, anymore. Your heart knows what'll makes you content, so follow your heart and do not hesitate. 

Second, Final exam is around the corner. And I've been very busy these few weeks and the weeks ahead. FYI, I survived two presentations today, I'm doomed though~ Oh..endless assignments, tests and FINAL're the reason I stayed up all night and ended up having dark circles on my eyes. I miss having a deep long sleep. For that, I have to wait until the last paper and hibernates to restore the energy back. hahaha (>,<)

Third, I miss my LG so much that I wanted to cry :'( I miss you, Love. 

Last, the issue update: If you want to play, remember fair and square rule? Sadly, I'm not that free to play a game with you, so get a life. But if you insist, try me dude!


Fane Davis said...

apa macam egg-zam babe?hihii
miss you!!! it's been ages since my last visit here..sangat rindu...ko sedang ambil degree kah neh skg???

#copyandpaste "living life without pleasing other"
Trully indeed.

please choose to be happy kay :)