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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hey there~

I've been extremely busy these few months and the months ahead. Being a bachelor is no joke. I just finished my final exam two week ago, I got a week break, and now..I'm back to campus for intersession T_T. Oh, where is my life? 

Final exam remarks:
It's terrifically killing my nerves, my patient an etc. I fell sick and was very ill. So, I'm doomed sitting for the papers. I couldn't bring myself brainstorming and digest fully what I've revised and learnt. In fact, sitting for the exam with a high fever was like putting myself on edge. I'm not sure whether I can survive by passing all the subjects. Plus, it's not that I'm aiming too high, but I really wants to get 3.00pointer and above. Ah..well, the result will be announce on 3rd of August, next week on FRIDAY to be exact! I'm rooting for a good result :)

Ah..this is boring. Two carried subjects from diploma are liable to me, I mean us. RM400 were paid and we have class EVERYDAY for 5weeks! Thing is, the final exam will be on 3-7 Sept! 4th Sept is my birthday fellas!!! ;(( Oh why...? I've planned to celebrate it in KL with LG, but now I think its impossible ;(( urghhh...!

Will be update soon :)


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Good luck dear! :)

Sabrina Iyna said...

been so busy owh ko darl..
xpa,for future jg kan...
Good luck :)

AnnieMing said...

All the best in your exam, babe!

♫FEN♫ said...

Hee.. thanks for the concerns :)) XOXO ^^