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Saturday, September 8, 2012

scheduled post.

Woo~ It's been a decade since I last updated my blog >_< Well, I just turned 22th last Tuesday. Wee~ I was sitting for my last paper that day, at the same time LG was not around. I thought it would be a melancholic birthday. Apparently, the lovely housemates sang me birthday song exactly at 12.00am on 4th of Sept. I was touched. Heee~ Sitting for an exam on your birthday is seriously not cool but everyone is wishing me a happy birthday :) That day, I really wished LG was there to celebrate it with me because I misses him very much ;'( Anyhow, the housemates and few of my classmates celebrated my birthday at home with a moist chocolate cake and 22 candles on it. hahahahahaaa..

Thanks to those lovely housemates and friends for enlighting my birthday :)

On top of that, I felt grateful for having these two besties:

They made me blissful for celebrating my birthday the next day ^^ So, it's like having 2 consecutive birthdays. teheee~ >_<

oH, new semester will begin on Monday, so..I'll be on my fourth semester. 
Ah...I'll fly to KL on 15th Sept - 18th Sept to meet LG ( I'll be skipping the classes ). Hee..after that, I will keep myself quarantine. Haaa~


☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

yummm that birthday cake looks delicious.... (yang cake bah kana 'm' haha) happy 22nd then girl!

♫FEN♫ said...

hehe.. yaa.. thanks for the wish. the cake mmg sdap aarrr.. hahaha.. yummm >_<