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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hye folks! ^^ Its been awhile. 
I'm currently in my second year completing my bachelor. One year to go and I'll be holding another certificate. Frankly, things were complicated lately. I hardly try to adapt with the insanely packed schedule, staying outside and facing with the everyday painful migraine. I feel old somehow. Wake up very early and skipping breakfast, I ended up pig out myself during lunch time. I'm gaining weight. Bloated belly is really hideous. hah~ Since LG has already transferred himself to work in Sabah, he barely asking me to stop dieting and he keep treating me delicious foods which I hardly resist. =.=" That's really my boyfriend. Bittersweet.

My housemates told me something hilarious last night. They said I am EMOTIONLESS or in other words, poker face. I laugh 'till my belly ache. They can't differentiate whether I'm mad or 'okay', well they say..'it's vague~' Oh, maybe...I rarely get mad because I'm becoming better in controlling my temper. I learn to be calm even in nerve breaking moment. I can be terrifically mad in a second but gradually forgetting and forgiving in a second too. Haha..BUT, if you ask me to tolerate with irresponsible people, for goodness sake, I CAN'T. For the very first time, I may consider...but for the second times, I'll be seriously MAD. You know, kindness is a very big thing. I have this particular friend which we're once considered as close. But, I lost my mercy-like emotion since he took things for granted, such as being irresponsible. I despise that most. Seriously. Now, we're back to being stranger again. Or maybe just classmate. It's awkward and it makes me feels regret. Anyhow, it's a good lesson.

Okay...I have class at 2pm-4pm. My favorite 'interactive multimedia' subject. Our upcoming task is a short video clip. **Excited ^^ *wink*

Until then~ CIAO~