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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love is ridiculous.

I'm not specifically stating any kind of love. I have a friend who regard her bestfriend like a lover. She treat her bestfriend the best. Calling in the middle of the night, giving present without any reason, and sulking with each other. It's not a homo but rather yes, a relationship that will makes everyone feels awkward because sometimes, they will sulked for a long time and wait for the other to consoled. Although it's never cross my mind before that such relationship did occur in real life. I have my bestfriends too, but we didn't pampers each others that much. hahaha..

Well, my boyfriend is another thing, we fought just now due to silly little misunderstanding. I was to blame. he's extremely busy with his work and didn't have time to contact me, in the end, I got mad and scorned and blahs~ Girls are like that..we want attention and hate rejection. Especially when we needs someone to talk to. Well, after all that cursing words I threw (I'm so bad!), he handled me at my worst and never left me. Rather, he hold me and say I love you instead :'( So, I cried a river. Bittersweet.
0(^o^)0 So, moral of the story, KEEP YOUR CALM ^^