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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Greeting people (n_n)

FYI, I'm currently staying in the campus computer lab waiting for 4PM lecture class and having no idea what to do. Apparently, the 2PM class was postponed. I'm bearing a severe migraine right now but I couldn't simply skip the class. Getting older is such a blessing. LOL. 

The semester is coming to its end and the upcoming study week is terrifying because I haven't properly equipped myself with the knowledge. In fact, I just took my Mandarin quiz and listening test awhile ago. I'm planning for a vacation during the semester break. Studying is too tiring. hah! I'm just glad that Friday is here!  
Everyone is talking about the apocalypse. Whatever you call it, I am not an atheist. If you think the world is going to end that way, well done then. We are living in a world of perception, so do not fall into it. 

Live right people! Good day ahead ^^